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Healthy tips

How do I get MitoBoost?

What should I eat after pregnancy to lose weight?


Sergio Ramos's wife, who is expecting her fourth child, has been wearing an enviable figure for years. We know how you do it

Pilar Rubio is radiant during her fourth pregnancy. Sergio Ramos's wife is six months old and is already beginning to notice her baby.

Pilar's figure is enviable after three deliveries. As it does? " Routine, perseverance, you have to take care not to abandon yourself a lot. You have to remove the concept that training is boring," he said at an event he attended.

Pilar continues to play sports and take care of herself, since then it costs her less to lose the extra kilos. As soon as you give birth, you will return to your eating routine. We tell you what it is.

How Pilar Rubio always looks great: her diet

Pilar Rubio takes good care of her diet. Try to eat as healthy and natural as possible, choosing foods with a high nutritional load and low in fat.

One of its secrets is to make a generous breakfast, which includes, above all, fruit:  apple and / or kiwi combined with oats, hemp seeds, açaí, coconut, nuts with goat milk.

The rest of the day, eat healthily and without indulging yourself. As we can see, the presenter emphasizes the first meal of the day, which is the most important and the one that prevents us from making bad choices the rest of the day.

The exercise you do

The ace under Pilar's command are the hypopressive abdominals, exercises based on pressure and tension that can replace traditional abdominals.

It is a training based mainly on the isometric contraction of the deep abdominal muscles, which results in a flatter and more toned stomach.

Television also pays a lot of attention to the arms, to avoid the flaccidity that appears with age. He usually uses elastic bands, which are easier to use than weights and prevent the muscle volume from increasing too much.

Your beauty secrets

The presenter follows a complete facial care routine. Morning and night applies a tonic alcohol and then a capsule Ceramide Elizabeth Arden, a small amount of Prevage Elizabeth Arden and Skin Caviar Luxe La Prairie.

Once a month there is a cleansing and a dermal infusion treatment, which combines exfoliation, extraction and application of serums.

As for your hair, always use olive extract shampoo and mask in each wash. His favorite shampoo is Klorane's with olive extract, and his mask is Carthame by René Furterer. Both can be bought in pharmacies.

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