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The secret to not having wrinkles is no cream: it is this exercise to do at home


There is a scientifically proven technique, and already used by many personalities, that prevents the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin

The Spanish (men and women) spend each month, 38 euros on average in products and beauty treatments, as is clear from the study Fintonic Beauty and Wellness 2019.

Creams, serums, hyaluronic acid punctures have become the day to day of many of us, who only seek to keep our skin plump over the years. But what if none of this was necessary? What if we can maintain a firm and luminous dermis, as a teenager, with just one exercise?

This is a reality and is possible thanks to facial yoga.

Facial yoga, the secret to never have wrinkles

Facial yoga is a discipline that aims to train the muscles responsible for facial mimicry   for aesthetic purposes. The muscles of the face are moved and manipulated to avoid wrinkles produced by age.

It's a technique that works, at least that's what science claims. A study carried out by Northwestern University (United States), and published in the journal JAMA Dermatology., Discovered that, as we age, the fat located between the muscle and the skin loses elasticity and thickness.

These effects, over time, produce a sagging of the skin, which would be avoided, according to the research, if exercises were performed to strengthen the 57 muscles in the face and neck.

" Facial exercises can improve appearance and reduce some visible signs of aging," says Dr. Murad Alam, research leader and vice president of dermatology at Northwestern University. And, continue, it can also "

"Exercises can strengthen the muscles and make the face firmer, toned and younger, thanks to reducing the effects of aging," says Dr. Murad Alam, lead author of the research and vice president of dermatology at the aforementioned university.

The 70-year-old Japanese who stays like this thanks to facial yoga

Junko Ueno, 70, nicknamed "the Miracle Woman" in Japan, decided that she did not want to undergo surgery or resort to invasive treatments to improve her appearance and developed the Up method, a simple facial yoga routine that promotes the elimination of toxins and lymphatic drainage for a smooth and firm complexion.

Ueno, who is an eminence in beauty in Japan, has been studying facial structure and muscles for years, a knowledge that he shares on his channel and that has now arrived in Spain with his first book, Facial Yoga (Ed. Ktsune Books), in The one that offers numerous simple exercises that promise to rejuvenate the skin and relieve muscle tension.

Facial yoga exercises

Some of the exercises are stretching the orbicularis muscle, stretching the upper part of the scalp and the forehead, as well as exercises to avoid the dreaded expression marks with proper movements.

We collect some of the mentioned book:

1) Exaggerate facial expressions

Make exaggerated gestures with your hands and face. Open your mouth as much as you can and say, "Wow, oooh." Open your mouth, stretch from the top of your lip to your nose and say "oh no!", Lengthening the vowels. Help yourself with your hands

2) Eliminate the corners of the mouth

Place the index fingers on both sides of the nose, press and move in an upward motion, towards the tear ducts. Repeat "up, up, up" three times (about three seconds).

3) Reduce crow's feet

According to the author, we must perform these exercises to eliminate wrinkles that form around the eyes:

The famous who practice it, like Meghan Markle and Madonna

Celebrities like Meghan Markle, Gwyneth Paltrow or Madonna have confessed to being fans of facial yoga, a trend that is increasingly popular in our country for its recognized benefits.

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